Hello again!  Chris here with a new community to analyze - today we'll give a brief run down of the Fishhawk Neighborhood located in Lithia, FL. This is a distant suburban paradise - and I insist you visit this beautiful area if you've never been. It's incredibly self sufficient with all the stores, schools and amenities you could possibly need located in an easy to access and centralized location. Most of the area is meticulously landscaped, and neighbors foster a friendly and warm atmosphere for all walks of life.

Fishhawk, Lithia, FL: As of today, Homes have appreciated 5.22% over the past 12 months! Over the past 6 months, 2.6% appreciation was noted.  The current absorption rate for the community (how quickly homes are bought) is 40.04%. This basically means if there were no more houses listed starting today, it would probably take about 2 months to clear out all the listings currently on the market.  Homes listed between 100-200k typically sell a bit faster than higher priced homes in this community - the absorption drops slightly from 2 months to 1.6

So what's this information telling us in basic terms? Homes are still selling quickly and appreciation appears to be steady as of current with it evenly spread through the past 12 months. While the stock market continues to climb and job creation in the area continues to improve, we may still see a few more months of some appreciation before it peaks! Best time to sell is on the way up before it starts to head back down! Wonderful opportunity to sell!!  Ask our agents Ashley or Sherry for your Lithia needs!